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Top 10 Online Selling Platforms: What is the Best Platform for Selling Online?

These days, individuals, small and medium-sized business owners are the most creative entrepreneurs. In the absence of funds for large investments, they have to find the most effective methods for developing their cause. The use of online selling platforms is one of them.

If you are looking for the best way to promote your products online, this article will help you understand which platform is the optimal solution for you. Please note that the alternatives presented are not in order of priority, but sorted at random.

#1: SellMyForms – Trustworthy Online Platform for Selling Digital Documents


SellMyForms is the easiest way to start making money online. You don’t need any initial investment in the product or material. You make a profit from your skills and knowledge. One of the best platforms to sell online allows you to create a free account and manage your digital workspace. You can sell any electronic downloads: business forms, online courses, various web templates or guidance materials, etc.

Key Features:

  • Free product web page
  • Secure payments via Stripe
  • Built-in PDF editor
  • Pre-assembled SEO

Price: Free 



SellMyForms takes care of all issues by providing its customers with a built-in document editor, product web generation, and search engine optimization. Members of its selling community only need to focus on the main aspects of doing business, publishing the product online, and marketing promotion. Selling documents online was never made easier!

#2: Amazon


Amazon is a giant online selling platform where goods are sold not only from sellers but also from Amazon itself. Thanks to the general rules and conditions, it resembles a large shopping center on the Internet where you can sell goods divided into categories. Amazon takes care of logistics for the buyer, storage of items, and monitors the quality.

Key Features:

  • High conversion rate — 13%
  • Massive traffic
  • Transparency of the cost system

Price: starting at $39.99 and referral charges


Amazon is one of the top online selling platforms for product and money turnover, where people from all over the world shop every day. Sellers can both promote their products and increase their number of customers and sales. The Amazon system prevents possible fraud by customers, and also guarantees the safety of their purchases. Unlike its competitors, this marketplace can’t be called a rookie’s starter one. You should know the specific features for a quick start and promotion.

#3: Etsy


The craftwork best selling platform Etsy has enjoyed many years of popularity among people who want to sell or buy handicrafts and needlework items. It provides you with features specifically designed for creative masters such as an easy-to-use interface, built-in analytics and sales tools, and access to potential customers. 

Key Features:

  • Facebook integration
  • Etsy’s handmade policy
  • Marketing and analytics tools

Price: 5% commission + $0.20 for listing


At Etsy, you can sell a wide range of products: leather and wood products, knitted and vintage items, shoes, antique clocks, thematic cosplay suits, and much more. It’s a $4 billion marketplace with more than 30 million active customers. Today, the handicraft market is more profitable for manufacturers, and fees have increased significantly. If you are looking for free online selling platforms, this one is not your option.

#4: Shopify


Shopify is a universal website builder that allows you to create a beautiful online store for your products. Since the page builder provides you with a drag and drop interface, you can create your own store in a few minutes without any programming knowledge. Although most Shopify templates cost money, you can also find a few free themes.

Key Features:

  • Third-party delivery outsourcing services
  • SEO-optimized templates
  • One-click shipping to Google Product Search

Price: Starting at $29 + sales fee, 14-day free trial


Shopify was founded in 2004 and today is a complete online selling platform that has revolutionized e-commerce for everyday retailers. Before Shopify, there were no software-based solutions that would allow newcomers to quickly and easily create beautiful and full-featured online store websites.

#5: Walmart


With this platform, you’ll have complete control over your business, including retail pricing, customer service, inventory, and order fulfillment. You will not find any auction on Walmart. There is only a fixed-price listing of items. You can still make a stable income with the cheapest prices.  

Key Features:

  • Approve to join
  • Sell with confidence
  • Excellent customer support

Price: up to 20% referral charge


To join Walmart, it’s necessary to fill in and submit an application. The approval process takes about two weeks. This platform provides excellent opportunities to increase your business and profit, but keep in mind that the margin may be lower because of competitors. It can also be the best platform to sell online for new retailers who want to boost brand recognition and credibility from the start. All you need is a clear strategy, and then the sales will go up.

#6: Newegg


The assortment of the marketplace consists of different electronics. A large separate group on the website is represented by computer hardware: processors, motherboards, graphics cards, and so on. Besides, the shop provides a wide range of personal computers and laptops, tablets and mobile phones, game consoles and software, as well as products for home, office, sports, and many other types of equipment.

Key Features:

  • Tech & electronics
  • Shipping service
  • Account managers support

Price: up to 15% commission


Newegg is undoubtedly the best selling platform for those who suggest technology products. Distribution centers are located in the US and Canada. More than fifty countries have access to these goods. This niche-specific solution provides a definite audience and potential customer base.

#7: Facebook Marketplace


Facebook Marketplace is a relatively new idea, but it has sufficient potential to reach its audience as a social network. This online platform is better suited for startups providing the opportunity to publicize their products widely. The entire organization of the online store, delivery and marketing of your products remains on your shoulders.

Key Features:

  • High targeted audience
  • Accessible social profiles
  • Communication on Messenger

Price: Free


Facebook Marketplace is an online selling platform for the most popular products — clothes and shoes, kitchen stuff, decor, and other things. You can easily create your own online shopping page. But it’s important to remember that Facebook does not focus on security, but only provides an audience. The interaction occurs between living people — 2.20 billion active users, and it’s an absolute advantage. But the protection of transactions lies with you and the customer, and the likelihood of fraud is high.

#8: Ruby Lane


The trusted vintage marketplace where you can sell antiques, collectibles, jewelry, crafts, arts, porcelain, and pottery. Ruby Lane is a friendly site among top online selling platforms with a highly targeted audience. 1.1 million users visit the platform every month, and very few people leave without making a purchase. These are educated and motivated customers who know what they want and can pay for it.

Key Features:

  • No auction, fixed-price marketplace
  • Strict quality control
  • Highly secure site

Price: $100 to set-up, $0.19 listing fee + $69/month 


Ruby Lane platform is very convenient for both the seller and the buyer. Here you can count on timely and high-quality customer support and a quick resolution of issues. Existing users note the top level of communication, assistance in the product description, and strategic marketing. This website is designed for high-class antique dealers, where people find unique things and quality service.

#9: GAME Marketplace


Any retailer interested in gaming, tech, consoles, gadgets and merchandise can join GAME Marketplace, which is the best selling platform for the optimal promotion of their product. The website improves year-to-year while increasing both sales and its targeted audience. They also provide tailored assistance and additional promotion of your products through their own marketing practices.

Key Features:

  • Pre-order price promise
  • No monthly fee
  • Pre-owned guarantee

Price: commission 6-15%


GAME Marketplace is integrated with Channel Advisor and LinnWorks. It’s fast to join with no fees for sign-up, listing, or subscription. You pay only a sales commission. Goods arrive within 3-5 days (UK orders only). You can also ship to America and around the world. You can add or remove your products when you need to since changes are confirmed on the online selling platform every day.

#10: Fruugo


If you are looking for a website to reach international markets, this marketplace is a useful choice. It covers 46 counties. Fruugo can be added to a number of the free online selling platforms, but only with the commission on a sale. Using their built-in translation feature, you can easily add products in 17 different languages. 

Key Features:

  • The base of cross-border shoppers
  • Google Feeds integration
  • Sales fee only

Price: 15% sales fee.


At Fruugo you can sell clothes, shoes, design stuff, accessories, electronics, toys, books, home & garden and lots more! You can benefit from the platform’s integration with plenty of markets, Channel Pilot, and Visualsoft. There are two methods to deal with trades on Fruugo: either through the Fruugo Shopping Mall or through the API, which provides automated order management within your own system.

Niche-Specific Sites vs All-in-One Selling Platforms

Remember that searching for the best selling platform starts with your product and your needs. This way, some retailers will find it easier to use a large marketplace and auction like eBay or Amazon, while others will benefit from smaller niche solutions.

Explore the difference:

The amount of information on the Internet is overgrown that it’s increasingly difficult to find a product/service through the popular all-in-one online selling platforms. That’s why people create more niche-specific websites that structure various segments of consumption. can be considered a classic example of the online rental housing market. SellMyForms has brought together people interested in digital documents. is designed for crafts, arts and collectibles.

Often, using and subscribing to a vast sales resource can be quite expensive, and competition is intense. At the same time, you can easily find the niche-specific free online selling platforms to create your account and maintain it competently. 

The main advantage is that the niche-specific sources are highly targeted to buyers. You will be able to concentrate on one market and get to know specific sales technologies without the need to compete with other categories for attention.

Who Should Try SellMyForms and Why?

Everyone who has the desire to create unique, irresistible offers of documents, eBooks, courses that stand out from all of the competitors should try SellMyForms that helps. Unlike other alternatives, SellMyForms doesn’t have any fees to pay for registration or for creating and selling your online documents. You get access to the advanced tools of the built-in editor, a free landing page of your product and tuned optimization for the search engine. All this saves time and effort for sellers — you only need to keep your online catalogs up to date. We can honestly say that this method is the best selling platform to start e-commerce if you are looking for the cheapest but reliable and effective solution.

Did You Know?
I am The fact is that no one knows exactly what makes a modern American shop. It depends on many factors. And one of them, according to the Big Commerce study, is the customer’s behavior by belonging to a particular generation. Knowing generational consumer shopping behavior will help everyone to understand the audience, their motivation to make a purchase, and build a successful sales strategy on this.a description. Click the edit button to change this text.


Q: What is an online selling platform?

These are e-commerce services that are designed to allow people or companies to create profiles and publish their products to meet customers online. So everyone can sell a product or service without leaving their home.
Lars Guldborg
Marketing Strategy Advisor

Q: What is the biggest online selling platform?

eBay and Amazon are considered to be the top online selling platforms. But keep in mind that in some cases, the smaller niche-specific alternatives could be much more convenient and profitable.
Gustav Björk
PR Team Lead

Q: Is SellMyFroms Safe?

SellMyForms strictly adhere to safety standards — US federal and European. Every monetary transaction is secured. All your products and personal details are under protection.
Lars Guldborg
Marketing Strategy Advisor


You should always keep in mind where it’s convenient, fast and safe for you and customers to make transactions. Choose those alternatives that are flexible and work on improvements within the progress of technology.

The value of online selling platforms lies in the fact that they are open to everyone. Any Internet user can create their own offer or find the necessary product. The set of functions can be adjusted from the most basic to advanced.Finally, everyone chooses the place to sell that impresses him personally. Hope this article will help you find the most attractive and promising option for you among the competitors.

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